UN-Women Project (Towards a Comprehensive strategy to end burn violence)

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ASTI has been awarded a $461,000 grant by the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women (UNIFEM) to carry out a large-scale research project into acid and burn violence in Cambodia, Nepal and Uganda.

The project, entitled “Towards a Comprehensive Strategy to End Burns Violence against Women,” aims to promote legislative change and increased knowledge of acid and burns violence as a form of violence against women, through awareness initiatives and ongoing research, in conjunction with local partners. This process of consciousness raising and education will, ASTI believes, help transform the social, political and legal landscape in Cambodia, Nepal and Uganda and lead to a more vocal societal opposition to burn violence against women.

The two-year project, which focuses primarily on women and girls, will commence January 2011 and run in partnership with researchers at Leeds Metropolitan University. Research and implementation support will be provided by three of ASTI’s local partners, Cambodia Children’s Surgical Center (CASC), Burns Violence Survivors Nepal (BVS-Nepal), and Acid Survivors Foundation Uganda (ASF-U). Prior to the commencement of the project, staff at ASF-U met with the UNIFEM Manager in October for a discussion of ASTI’s projects, a tour of ASF offices and service delivery centre and an informal discussion with staff and survivors about their work and services.

The many issues for survivors range from a fear of reporting attacks and weak rule of law, to the limited success of awareness raising initiatives and the reluctance of those with professional responsibility to help end this crime to get involved in its prevention. This project will collect research at the individual level, the community level and the legislative level with a goal of informing ASTI’s approach to ending acid and burn violence against women and girls.