Rehabilitation - Vocational Trainings

As BVS-Nepal does not have its own Rehabilitation Centre, it does arrange for survivors of Burns Violence and Acid attacks to be referred to partner organisation’s shelters.

We provide vocational training that will enable survivors to become self-sufficient and reintegrate into society. When survivors have recovered physically, a programme co-ordinator will assist them in devising an action plan for their future.  This may include access to professional skills training in an area of vocational interest.

BVS-Nepal has been helping 19 survivors of Burns Violence access vocational training in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Janakpur and Nepalgunj. 

Briquette & Solar Cooker Training

Nutrition Program

In partnership with the Foundation for Sustainable Technology (FOST) BVS-Nepal has provided six survivors with training in the use of solar cookers and how to make briquettes from waste materials.

Upon completion of their training, the survivors utilise this skill at home and additional briquettes are sold to FOST or in their neighbourhood, thereby enabling them to improve their financial position.

These are sustainable technologies which are economically and environmentally friendly.  World Bank and UNDP research determined that one person per day needs 1.2 kg of fire wood.  LPG gas cylinders cost NPR 1520 whereas compact briquettes only cost 30rs per kg.

Sewing Training

Nutrition Program

BVS-Nepal in association with various organisations in Kathmandu, Nepalgunj and Janakpur has been providing survivors with a basic three month sewing course which enables them to learn the necessary skills to work towards financial independence. During their training they are taught to create, mend and alter garments using both handwork and a sewing machine.




Beauty Parlor and Nail Art Training

Nutrition Program

BVS-Nepal has been financially supporting survivors in Kathmandu and Dhangadi in attending the basic and advanced beauty parlour course. The survivors learn hairstyling, make up and nail art and at the completion of their training are able to seek work enabling them to become financially independent.



Computer Training

Nutrition Program

Two survivors have taken basic and advanced computer courses which gave them a comprehensive all round understanding of basic computer functions, and software applications such as MS word and Excel and internet.




Candle Training

Nutrition Program

Candle training is simple and cost effective.  Given the fact that Nepal is currently facing 8 hours of daily power cuts, it is a marketable commodity. In collaboration with Clay and Candle, BVS-Nepal has organised three-day candle making training for survivors and is assisting them in finding outlets for their product.