Prevention & Awareness Programme

Burn related injuries have increased significantly with women and children being the most at risk. Research indicated that although the root causes related to hazardous living conditions and poor education, 60% of injuries could have been prevented through an awareness programme.

Street Drama

The prevention message is aimed at avoiding burn injuries and supporting our efforts to eliminate burns and acid violence. As part of this programme, BVS-Nepal is using Street Drama to reach its target audience. Educational material which also contains a basic first aid message is distributed. During the past five years the programme has been presented to fifty schools and communities within the Kathmandu valley and Nepalgunj. Thanks to DFID and Wen Giving Foundation.

To extend the programme, BVS-Nepal is building up  promising collaborations with local communities, schools, youth organisations, clubs, celebrities, artists and actors of Nepal.

Nutrition Program
Nutrition Program

Nutrition Program









Stickers and Posters

The purpose of the stickers and posters for First Aid is to provide practical guidance to communities on the provision of adequate first aid in the work and living place. It is very important that pending the arrival of organized relief some medical and/or surgical first aid must be given within a very short time to contain the injury and to reduce the risk of mortality.

Nutrition Program

Radio Programmes

BVS Nepal decides to develop a prevention programme among the nation through the most effective media in this country: the radio.

BVS Nepal is working in partnership with the Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (ACORAB) Nepal. The radio programme will be broadcast for 1 year (once a month) through 272 Community radios, which covers 74 districts.

 The component of the 30 minutes program include presentation of Burn Issue, interviews of experts (doctors, nurses, counselors, lawyers), interaction with the audience...

This project is supported by C.H.A.N.C.E. For Nepal (UK).

Please find here below the broadcast of each radio programme:

July 2016 Accidental burns amongst children

August 2016 Burn Situation in Nepal

September 2016 Burn accidents occuring during the festival time.

October 2016 Problems among hospitals to deal and provide adequate treatment to the patients

November 2016 Accidental burns amongst children

December 2016 Situation of burns violence and Acid Attack - the legal provision.