Medical and Surgical support

Nutrition Program

BVS Nepal is providing financial support to patients from vulnerable backgrounds. Treatment includes an extensive and expensive array of medicines to reduce burn pain, manage wounds, control infection and may even lead to surgical intervention resulting in a 3 – 4 month stay in hospital.  The two major types of surgical intervention are the skin graft and debridement which are necessary to replace lost tissue and improve scar appearance.

BVS Nepal surgically and medically supported 195 patients in 2016.  Our thanks to  UK Aid, Herrod Foundation, Tanner Trust, Reis met Mij, Fonds Parvati, M. Kris Vanderlinde, M. Michael Jones, Wen Giving Foundation, Mrs. Jackie Sherwood, Mrs Wendy Marston, Lincoln School, British School, C.H.A.N.C.E for Nepal (UK), We Help Nepal (WHN), NERA, local and foreign donors for their contribution in assisting patients and families rebuild their lives.