Real stories - Meena

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Filmed, Directed & Edited by: Emily Kate Stephens
Produced By: Alison Marston & Emily Kate Stephens


The documentary ‘Meena’ is about the very real problem of suicide, affecting young women in Nepal. “According to a report published by the Family Health Division (Ministry of Health and Population), suicide is the leading cause of death among women of reproductive age in Nepal.” This is a hugely problematic, complex and sensitive issue, which has very little voice. The NGO BVS-Nepal has been initiated in response to a need to combat incidences of burns violence such as acid and burns attacks as well as suicide attempts resulting mainly from domestic violence. ‘Meena’ was made without bias to bring awareness to this issue and to help viewers to understand the reality of the situation in Nepal concerning this issue. It was also used as a tool to raise funds for the NGO at its launch at the Nepalese Embassy in London on October the 6th.