Visit of Prince Harry at Kanti Children Hospital Burn Unit

On the 23th March, Prince Harry visited The Burn Unit at Kanti Children`s Hospital on behalf of BVS Nepal.

BVS LaunchDuring his visit, he met 16 children aged between 11 months and 11 years, many of whom had been injured after being displaced by the Earthquake that devastated part of the country.

Most of the children being treated at Kanti are supported with financial support for medicines/surgeries,nutrition complement, counseling programme by BVS Nepal.


On the picture, Prince Harry is interacting with a 4 years old boy, Pemba Sherpa from Dolakha, who got burned on an open cooking fire in a temporary shelter. After 3 months of treatment, 4 surgeries, 6 toes amputated, Pemba will be discharged after few days.

BVS LaunchBiplov Puri, 4 years old boy from Kavrepalanchowk was really please to meet with Prince Harry. Biplov tangled on a bowl of hot oil and got severly burned. He already received 1 surgery and need to stay at the hospital until his entire rehabilitation. Prince Harry gave him a knitted doll which was donated by C.H.A.N.C.E For Nepal (UK)



BVS LaunchBVS Launch







After the visit, our program coordinator, Ms Rumi Rajbhandari hand over some candles made by Burns Violence Survivors to the Prince Harry.